WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.5 (PRO)

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer PRO is a powerful 360 product photography software for showcasing your products online. Used by hundreds of small and large companies around the globe, this is one of the most advanced out-of-the-box e-commerce solutions for creating lightweight, customizable, and highly interactive product presentations with 360 product viewing capabilities and mobile support.


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 Features and benefits

  • Fine-tuned for E-Commerce with real business in mind
  • Designed by professional 360 photography studio
  • Unique publishing software with instant batch processing
  • Host everything on your own servers - no recurring fees
  • Integrated with Magento, OpenCart, WordPress, etc.
  • Works on iOS, Android, browsers with & without HTML5
  • Extensive hotspot support for advanced interactivity
  • Highly customizable (features, skins, templates, API, etc.)
  • Lightweight and fast with quick integration
  • No server side scripts required - all client based
  • Continuously tested on all major browsers and devices
  • Live support in the U.S. plus free upgrades (PRO, Enterprise)
  • Available as FREE, PRO and Enterprise editions (contact us if interested in Enterprise)

Quick tour of WebRotate 360 product photography software, featuring one-of-a-kind, effortless creation of interactive 360 product views that are ready for online publishing in just a few mouse clicks on your Windows or Mac computer.

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Dear all at WebRotate

Firstly let me say, I rarely leave feedback and when I do it has to be something quite special. I take my hat off to the guys at WebRotate, by far the most helpful efficient service I have experienced in a long time. I will be very honest here I shopped around for a product that met my needs, I work in CAD so as a designer it was critical this platform shows of my work. .... A reliable and B responsive to my customers needs and web interaction. . WebRotate360 undoubtedly is the best investment you will make, its a module that plugs directly in your web page, a platform that helps you present 360 degree image content in a user friendly and very stylish interface. All said that's a brief description... it does much much more basic so check out the demo and see for your self.

I use open-cart admittedly I am not a guru at coding, the module is easy to install. However I had a little trouble with customization but with the help and support of WebRotate you really don't have to worry they are a hundred percent behind their product. A special thanks guy for all your help, absolutely a fantastic product very pleased.


special thanks from 3dformations.com

Jake , CAD Designer

I just built a brand new site and was looking for a program or plugin to be able to see my jerseys with a 360' degree view, even went as far as putting an ad out to find someone to help come up with the right code. I found WebRotate360, downloaded it and within 10 minutes was able to create a rotating view of a sample I used. Then a week later I tried uploading the plug in to my Wordpress FTP for my site. WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!! Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to watch their product rotate on a website.
My next task is to get multiple items working on the same page. Hoping I have the same luck with their instructions. Thanks Again fellas, love the program!

Tim Witt , Owner fullysublimated.com

I would just like to thank you for all your help and support, I finally understand it and website is working great, amazing product, thank you

Allan Hanson , Business development manager

The 360 Product Viewer is a great visual and marketing tool for showcasing our products. Implementation is easy and we've received excellent support from the team, including modifying some of the functionalities of the software to meet our needs. Keep up the good work.

Tony Cutler , Sales & Web Technology Manager at Pelican Products, Inc.

It all started with a simple idea of wanting hot spots on 360 degree product views, but oh boy did it get very elaborate... I would highly recommend any company use Web Rotate 360 for implementing any type of 360 viewers, from simple to extremely elaborate designs and features.

Greg , Custom Brackets, Cleveland, Ohio

Thanks for making our product launch such a success!

Josh Podolske , Associate Art Director at Redline Bicycles

Our 360 Viewer is probably the best investment we've made for our on-line shopping store(s) over the past two years. Selling products over the internet is hard enough when a customer can not see, feel, or touch what they are looking to purchase. The 360 Viewer allows the customer to see our products in a way most other on-line stores don't. And the controls the 360 Viewer has that allows you to rotate, zoom, and even see hot-spots that displays key features is second to none. Not to mention when it comes to customer support, webrotate team have went out of their way to assure I understood how to properly setup and install my software. Thumbs up to this 360 Viewer! We love it, and our customers love it.

Todd Swift , Midwest Equipment

Customers are looking for detailed product information before they make a purchase and WebRotate 360 helps them get a good feel for Ariens Company products online. We are able to use hotspots to highlight key features in an intuitive interface. The setup of each 360 view is easy and doesn’t require a technical background. We’ve been quite happy with the tool and the service we’ve received.

Greg McDonald , Marketing Manager, Ariens Company

Given the wide range in the size of our products we needed an in-house 360 photography studio; but thanks to Webrotate 360 we were able to quickly construct our photography area and start creating 360 degree views of our products. Their staff have been also incredibly helpful in the setup and maintenance of their software. Overall our experience with Webrotate 360 has been outstanding and we cannot recommend them enough.

Griffin Sesson , Meade Instruments Corp

We are so pleased we found webrotate 360, it is easy to use and is a fantastic way for us to show off our products. The customer service is outstanding, thanks again to you all for your help and advice.

Joel Groves , The Bubble Chair Factory, UK

At SmartBuyGlasses, we offer a fantastic 360° experience of more than 4,000 Designer Sunglasses and Glasses! Our customers love the 360° view. The WebRotate technology made this possible. We use exactly the same HTML5 viewer on our Desktop websites and on our Mobile websites, and all of this in more than 30 countries! Thanks WebRotate for providing us an amazing level of support.

Samuel Bultez , IT Project Manager at SmartBuyGlasses