Ortery Light Box

Increase profitability by reducing studio and image editing time with the patented Ortery Light box. Compatible with any camera and ideal for professional object photography. Ships free!

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Good lighting is the difference between a good picture and a great one. Built-in lights and hard walls mean consistency between the photos you take today and six months from now. Designed with mobility in mind, this 24" x 24" x 28" controlled lighting environment can be used with any digital camera to take professional quality photo while dramatically reducing photo setup and image editing time. The light box offers consistent daylight-balanced results time-after-time and is ideal for use with digital SLR cameras. This product requires assembly.

How it works

  • Turn on the light box.
  • Attach camera to a tripod or mount it on the top of the light box.
  • Place item(s) inside the light box.
  • Adjust the object and/or tripod position.
  • Compose the photograph.
  • Take the picture.
  • Download pictures from camera to your computer as recommended by camera manufacturer.

Features and benefits

  • Consistent lighting.
  • Symmetrical, daylight (6500K) environment yields shadow-free pictures.
  • Works with any digital / digital SLR camera.
  • Reduces image editing and photo setup time.
  • Works with any background color or texture.
  • Mobile photography - quick assembly / disassembly.
  • Produces top and side shots.
  • Flexible camera mounting system accommodates all camera / lens combinations.
  • Excellent craftsmanship, free technical support and a one-year warranty.
  • DIY studio makes product photography simple and economical.

Package contents

  • 24" x 24" x 28" light box (assembly required).
  • Fabric door cover.
  • Acrylic product stand.
  • 5 Camera mount sponges.
  • White side-shot background.
  • 4 Fluorescent 6500K bulbs.
  • USB cable and power cord.
  • Installation guide.
  • Free technical support and one-year warranty.
  • Power requirements: Standard 110V (220V units available)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 24” x 24” x 28”
  • Maximum target size: Hand-held top shots - 19" x 23". Mounted top shots - 17" x 23". Side shots - 20" x 20" x 24". Actual target size depends on camera lens and distance.
  • Shipping weight: 47 lbs. (27” x 30” x 12”)
  • Weight: 35 lbs

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