This Automated 360 Photography Turntable Was Made Out Of Recycled Parts

March 16, 2015  |  360 Photography Equipment, 360 Product Photography  |  Comments Off
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Creative folks at N2Surplus of Roanoke, VA who specialize in selling new and used industrial parts online, shared a few cool pictures of their 360 product photography turntable they recently built for their ongoing photography projects.

The result of their creative thinking was this heavy-duty motorized turntable that was made out of recycled and dismantled parts they had available at their own warehouse.

Here is what it is made of:

• Turntable – bottom of a metal umbrella stand
• Box with motor – project / photography box out of a liquidation
• Plate with Casters – tray for a portable pump
• DC Permanent Magnet Motor
• DC Drive
• Speed Controller – off of a conveyor that they dismantled
• Wiring – off of the equipment they dismantled
• Outlet boxes & switches – off of the equipment they dismantled

We hope this example will inspire others to build something similar. These custom-built 360 product photography turntables can be fine-tuned to your exact requirements, not to mention their low cost comparing to specialized equipment we sell here.

And if you need heavy-duty parts for your next project, visit N2Surplus at

Interesting Ghost Mannequins for 360 Product Photography

January 22, 2015  |  360 Photography Equipment, 360 Product Photography  |  Comments Off
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We just recently discovered this interesting video by ProCap studio in UK and what is particularly exciting is the ghost mannequin they show there. It’s attached to a sturdy rotating platform with 360 degree marks and a bubble level, so it seems to be designed specifically for 360 product photography. It’s the first time we see a mannequin like this in the wild and it makes perfect sense, so check it out!

Otherwise, it’s a pretty much our usual 360 product photography workflow when dealing with a manual turntable. Although if you are lucky to have two people working on a photography set, you can really forgo a remote shutter release they recommend in the video as you would be better off having one person sitting next to a computer tethered to your camera while the other dude (a “human motor” as we call it here) turns the table manually as shots get reviewed and approved.

And of course we hope to see this cool mannequin table automated sometime soon!

DIY Automatic 360 Product Photography Turntable By TinkerForge

November 19, 2014  |  360 Photography Equipment, 360 Product Photography  |  Comments Off
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Here’s another example of creative ingenuity by folks at TinkerForge, Germany who applied their own DIY building “bricks” that they sell online and a cool idea, and turned it into a fully functional robotic 360 product photography turntable.

As you can see on their blog, the whole constructions is made of just a handful of DIY parts, including a stepper motor, of course, a rotary ball bearing (250kg rated!), two cutting boards and a couple of cool “bricks” manufactured by TinkerForge: Industrial Quad Relay Bricklet and Stepper Brick. All in all, this is a substantial saving compared to commercially produced professional tables that we have here.

Except for the challenge with the ball bearing attachment that ended up needing some clearance to work in conjunction with the hub and the motor, we call it a success! Hopefully some of our readers will get inspired by this design and will use TinkerForge’s cool “bricks” to create similar 360 product photography platforms.

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Drones for 360 Object Photography of Large Items?

November 6, 2014  |  360 Photography Equipment  |  Comments Off
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You know one of the challenges with the 360 product photography of large objects such as cars, big machines, etc. is that you can’t really put them on a turntable (unless you have a lot of $$$, of course), and then moving with your camera around an object just sucks. Same with building huge fixed circular rails..

So it just occurred to us a couple of weeks ago.. why can’t we start using drones for this? Presumably, you can just fly a drone around a large item at a certain trajectory and capture rotational 360 images this way. Of course, it may not be as straightforward as one might think, but this should be doable.

Here’s for example a quick video we just stumbled upon showing a custom 3 axis gimbal attached to a drone designed for larger cameras. You can see how it works closer to the end of the video which we think is pretty smooth for what we’re doing here.

PS: DJI’s latest quadcopter seems to be built just for the task!

DIY 360 Product Photography Turntable with Magnetic Trigger

October 27, 2014  |  360 Photography Equipment, 360 Product Photography  |  Comments Off
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We just recently stumbled upon this interesting video by Marcin Kowalski from Norway, showing his cool DIY 360 product photography platform that we think really stands out.
What sets Marcin’s table apart from the other DIY concepts we have seen so far is a magnetically triggered shutter which really makes his hardware design quite simple and cost effective (e.g., doesn’t need a stepper motor, etc..).

As you will see in the video, Marcin placed a bunch of small magnets underneath the rotating platform at 10-degree increments. The magnets trigger a magnetic sensor as the platform continuously rotates at a chosen speed which then triggers the camera shutter using simple wiring.

The table construction looks solid and without the need for a stepper motor, we think this concept can be used to build heavy duty platforms for much large objects. We’re just wishing it had a wireless trigger!

So please check out the video below and if you follow the Youtube link you will also find the list of parts that Marcin used for his project and you will be surprised how little it costs to put this turntable together.